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Register or Transfer .ES Domain Names

The official top-level domain name for Spain is the very popular .ES and here is how you can get yours today quickly and easily with NTC Hosting.

The Spanish domain extension is open for registration or transfer to anyone and by registering an .ES domain name, you will be able to target individuals and businesses that are much more likely to visit a Spanish .ES site than the traditional .COM or .NET ones.

Since Spanish is the second most popular language in the world, this target audience is huge.

You can reserve the domain for different periods of time, from 1 to 5 years, depending on whether your web projects are long-term or not.

With so many Spanish speakers worldwide, the demand for .ES is huge, and with the quick domain registration wizard by NTC Hosting, you can get your unique .ES name within minutes.

Our exclusive Domain Manager has point-and-click interface so you can edit the domain's Whois information and name servers, etc with ease.

You can set custom DNS records like AAAA records, SRV records, CNAME records, etc. activate URL redirection, to request transfers and more.

Get your .ES Dominio with NTC and be part of the huge Spanish speaking internet community all around the world with an .ES domain for your website from NTC Hosting. Sign up now with NTC Hosting.