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Register .NU Domain Names

If the .COM or .NET domain you want is already registered, then there is a good chance you might be able to keep your desired name by using .NU.

Officially it's domain for the small Polynesian island of Niue, .NU was quickly recognized as the new alternative universal domain for both commercial and non-commercial websites.

.NU is wide open for registration and with no restrictions on the use of the domain so anyone can sign up.

What makes .NU such a good TLD choice is that it gives you the option to register just about any name you might want.

NU sounds just like the word NEW, which can be turned into a great marketing tool for a business website.

NTC Hosting can register and a .NU domain for you in minutes, with our easy to use domain wizard.

NTC Hosting also gives you complete control over your domain with features like edit Whois information, edit name servers, Custom DNS records, parked domains, and more.

.NU is the new domain on the web, it's easy to spell and remember, and offers you many attractive options to name your site.

So, if you're looking to keep your site at the top of domain searches, and want a TLD that will stand out from the crowd, .NU and NTC Hosting, are just what you need to help you do this. Sign up now with NTC Hosting.