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.CO.ZA Domain Registration

Learn more about the official country code top-level domain for South Africa, about whether the TLD is a recommended choice for your site and how you can easily register your .CO.ZA name.

Why the .CO.ZA domain?

Although registrations under the .ZA top level zone are not possible, .CO.ZA and .ORG.ZA still offer a very good recognition for South Africa related sites. While .ORG.ZA is focused on non-profit entities exclusively, .CO.ZA can be used for all types of sites and is currently the most popular South African site domain.

With a .CO.ZA domain you can rank better in local search engines, since it is common for searchers to restrict their search to South African websites only. Also, as a commercial entity operating on the local market, you'll have a reputable online identity on the global e-commerce scene.

.CO.ZA characteristics

.CO.ZA is open for registration to everyone, no matter whether the registrant comes from South Africa or not. As a country-specific domain, however, it has some special characteristics that need to be considered. The domain can be registered for a period of 1 year only, meaning that you need to be very careful about renewing it each year on time, if you do not want to lose it. Also, .CO.ZA does not support a registrar-lock option, which is generally used to help you protect your domain from unsolicited domain transfers.

How to register a .CO.ZA domain?

With NTC Hosting you can feel secure about your domain name. We'll register your desired domain for you in minutes or will transfer your existing one without any hassle. Just put your chosen .CO.ZA name in the domain search form and we'll take care of the rest. Your domain will come with a point & click Domain Manager interface from where you can edit the Whois information associated with your domain as well as the name servers of the latter, set custom DNS records, park domains, activate URL redirection and more. Also, we'll make sure you never leave your .CO.ZA domain to expire by sending you repeated email notifications prior to the official expiry date.

Be a part of the growing .ZA community with your unique .CO.ZA domain!

Registry ZADNA
Introduced 1990
Type Country code top-level domain
Registration period 1 year
Transfer options Yes
Edit WHOIS Yes
ID Protection No

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African ccTLDS: .co.za

Period .co.za + Hosting .co.za Only
1 year $17.00 $17.00

Feature explanation:

  • .CO.ZA Registrar-Lock – allows the domain owner to lock his/her domain name, in order to avoid unauthorized, or accidental changes to the domain name.
  • .CO.ZA Transfer – means change of the domain registrar; usually 1 year is added to the registration upon successful completion of the transfer. Domain transfer fee is equal to the domain registration fee. In some cases, an EPP authorization key is required. It must be obtained from the domain's current registrar.
  • .CO.ZA Edit WHOIS – allows the publicly displayed WHOIS information of the domain name to be edited.
  • .CO.ZA Registration Period – various TLDs can be registered for different periods.
  • .CO.ZA Single registration/transfer – this refers to the price of a 1-year registration/transfer for a particular TLD, purchased with a web hosting plan. For the majority of TLDs, the minimum registration period is 1 year. For the TLDs marked with "*" this period is 2 years.