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.TV Domain Registration or Transfer

What is common between the island country of Tuvalu and rich media websites? Well, it is that both residents of Tuvalu and owners of rich media content sites use one and the same top-level domain - .TV. Actually, the .TV domain name is freely available for registration to anyone. If you wish to get your unique .TV address quickly and with minimum formalities - use the .TV domain registration and transfer services of NTC Hosting.


It is curious indeed how the official Internet country code top-level domain for such a tiny island nation as Tuvalu has become one of the most preferred TLDs today. Here we can remember the case with .ME - a ccTLD that coincides with a very popular and domain-registration-suitable word. In the .TV case we have an abbreviation of the word 'television', which explains why its registry entered into an alliance with Demand Media for a worldwide promotion of .TV as the preferred domain name for rich media content websites. .TV is open for registration to anyone with the exception of some reserved names such as .com.tv, .net.tv, .org.tv.

.TV domains with NTC Hosting

Make your .TV choice now, no matter whether you are from Tuvalu, own a television channel or are just a person in love with television, and get a full set of options for managing your overall Internet presence. Register or transfer your .TV domain and get an all-inclusive Domain Manager where you can set Custom MX & A Records, CNAME Records, Host Records, or order ID Protection for your personal WHOIS details, all courtesy of the unlimited domain hosting platform presented by NTC Hosting.

Registry dotTV (a Verisign company)
Introduced 1996
Type Country code top-level domain
Registration period 1-10 years
Transfer options Yes
Edit WHOIS Yes
ID Protection Yes

Other supported TLDs:

Generic (gTLDs): .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .mobi, .name, .co, .pro, .website, .services, .solutions, .space, .xyz, .club, .news, .top, .company, .deals, .guru, .ninja, .site, .family, .party, .online, .tech, .fun, .press, .store

Country-code (ccTLDs): European ccTLDs: .at, .be, .de, .ch, .eu, .it, .me, .nl, .co.uk, .uk, .me.uk, .org.uk, .fr, .ru, .es, .se, .pl, .pt, .dk, .fi, .no, .gr

American TLDs: .ca, .us, .com.mx, .mx

Asian ccTLDs: .asia, .cn, .com.cn, .org.cn, .net.cn, .in, .jp, .ws, .tw, .com.tw, .org.tw, .idv.tw, .co.il, .ph, .qa, .ae, .ie

Australian ccTLDs: .com.au, .net.au, .org.au

Oceanian ccTLDs: .cc, .co.nz, .net.nz, .org.nz, .nu, .tv

African ccTLDS: .co.za

Period .tv + Hosting .tv Only
1 year $28.00 $28.00
2 years $56.00 $56.00
3 years $84.00 $84.00
4 years $112.00 $112.00
5 years $140.00 $140.00

Feature explanation:

  • .TV Registration Period – registration period is the period of years that you can register a domain name for; .TV domains have one-year to ten-year registrations allowed;
  • .TV Transfer – transfer service is available for .TV domains; it allows you to transfer your .TV domain name to a different registrar; you need to obtain first the EPP authorization key of your domain name from your current registrar in order to carry out the transfer;
  • .TV Registrar-Lock – this service enables you to lock your .TV domain name in order to protect it against unauthorized or accidental modifications;
  • .TV Edit WHOIS – you are able to edit the publicly available WHOIS information of your .TV domain name at need;
  • .TV ID Protection – you are able to protect your ID displayed in the public WHOIS database by replacing it with fictitious information;
  • .TV Status Alerts – status alerts are notification emails that will be sent to your email address upon approaching expiration of your .TV domain name;
  • .TV Domain Parking – domain parking service is available with NTC Hosting; park your domain in your account (point it to a parking page or to a real website) and keep it with a parked status until you are ready to launch its contents online;
  • .TV Domain Manager – easily manage your .TV domain name from the full-featured advanced domain management interface available in the Domain Manager section of your web hosting Control Panel;
  • .TV Custom DNS Records – a set of DNS control options for customizing the A, MX, AAAA, NS, SRV, TXT records of your .TV domain name;
  • .TV Subdomains – you can create a number of subdomains within your .TV domain account; the exact number of subdomains you can create depends on the web hosting plan you have subscribed to;