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.EU Domain Registration or Transfer

Searching for a good online visibility on the European economic, political or cultural scene? We, at NTC Hosting, would recommend that you get an .EU domain name for your website as an effective way to emphasize the European identity of your online presence. Make your .EU registration now, no matter whether you are an EU member country citizen or represent an organization, and enjoy a full-packed service offering multiple useful options for managing your domain name and overall Internet profile.


In contrast to the other country code top-level domains, .EU is dedicated to a group of countries - those within the European Union. Although not that popular among those countries yet, the registration of .EU domains is gradually increasing in volumes, preferred mainly by websites with pan-European or cross-border purpose (over the traditional national or global TLDs). Due to its multi-national purpose, the .EU TLD is administered by a consortium of the local registry operators of Belgium, the Czech Republic, Italy and Sweden - EURid. The only restricted use of the .EU domain is the second-level .europa.eu, which is reserved for EU institution sites.

The .EU TLD is also becoming a very suitable solution for all kinds of e-commerce enterprises. Domain names with the .EU TLD are easily recognizable and not hard to remember and the .EU TLD used for an online store can easily make your brand popular all over Europe.

And if you aim to further expand your online presence, you can also take a look at the .ASIA TLD, which, like .EU, stands for all Asian countries and can help you gain international positioning.

.EU domains with NTC Hosting

To get your .EU registration or transfer your existing .EU domain over to our registrar you simply need to specify your choice of a domain and request the relevant action when ordering our web hosting services. With each .EU domain registered or transferred over to us you get full control over its settings, including DNS Management, WHOIS Management, Parked Domains and all the essentials of a stable ecommerce hosting platform.

Registry EURid
Introduced 2005
Type Country code top-level domain
Registration period 1-10 years
Transfer options Yes
Edit WHOIS Yes
ID Protection No

Other supported TLDs:

Generic (gTLDs): .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .mobi, .name, .co, .pro, .website, .services, .solutions, .space, .xyz, .club, .news, .top, .company, .deals, .guru, .ninja, .site, .family, .party, .online, .tech, .fun, .press, .store

Country-code (ccTLDs): European ccTLDs: .at, .be, .de, .ch, .eu, .it, .me, .nl, .co.uk, .uk, .me.uk, .org.uk, .fr, .ru, .es, .se, .pl, .pt, .dk, .fi, .no, .gr

American TLDs: .ca, .us, .com.mx, .mx

Asian ccTLDs: .asia, .cn, .com.cn, .org.cn, .net.cn, .in, .jp, .ws, .tw, .com.tw, .org.tw, .idv.tw, .co.il, .ph, .qa, .ae, .ie

Australian ccTLDs: .com.au, .net.au, .org.au

Oceanian ccTLDs: .cc, .co.nz, .net.nz, .org.nz, .nu, .tv

African ccTLDS: .co.za

Period .eu + Hosting .eu Only
1 year FREE $7.00
2 years $7.00 $14.00
3 years $14.00 $21.00
4 years $21.00 $28.00
5 years $28.00 $35.00

Feature explanation:

  • .EU Registration Period – the exact period of years you can register a domain name for; a .EU domain name can be registered only for one year ahead;
  • .EU Transfer – .EU domain names CAN be transferred to another registrar; depending on months left to the domain`s expiration, sometimes one year is added to the domain`s expiration date;
  • .EU Status Alerts – these are notifications sent to your email address, alarming you of a due expiration of your .EU domain name;
  • .EU Domain Parking – this service of NTC Hosting allows you to register a cool domain name and keep it with a parked status (pointing to a parking page or to a real website) for as long as you are ready to launch its contents online;
  • .EU Domain Manager – a full-featured functionality available in your web hosting control panel for managing your .EU domain name;
  • .EU Custom DNS Records – advanced interface for setting the DNS records of your .EU domain name, such as A, MX, AAAA, NS, SRV, TXT records;
  • .EU Subdomains – the number of subdomains you can set up within your .EU domain name account depends on the web hosting plan your have chosen;