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Instant Account Activation

One of the best characteristics of web hosting services is that they allow instant account activation i.e. they are almost immediately available to users after sign-up. When signing up for an Internet service, for example, you will need to allow some time for the ISP to settle the connection to your place. At a web hosting service sign-up, you are given immediate access to the respective services as soon as the payment step has been passed successfully.

What is Instant Account Activation?

The specific nature of web hosting allows for users to get the ordered service in almost real time. When a customer orders a hosting plan, they are required to fill out a simple 2-step sign-up page, supplying some basic contact details and payment information. Right after hitting the 'Order' button, an immediate request is sent to the hosting provider's system for setting up the desired plan configuration with the customer's details included.

In response, the system automatically creates a web hosting account that is assigned to the customer as an individual, non-profit organization, or a business entity (as per customer's request). This account can be accessed through a specific member login URL sent to the customer along with the log-in details (username and password) by email, right after sign-up.

Instant access to server resources

With the instant hosting account activation at sign-up users gain immediate access to the allocated server resources. As soon as they log into their web hosting account, using the log-in details sent to their sign-up email address, they will be able to start uploading their websites onto the host's server, set up email accounts, and perform other website-related actions. For this purpose, the online payment you submit at sign-up must be verified as soon as possible by your hosting provider's Sales Department.

How to get instant hosting account activation

All web hosting plans offered on this website include instant account activation at sign-up, along with a 99.9% Service Uptime Guarantee and a 30-day Money Back Guarantee. Right after filling out the billing page and hitting the 'Order' button your personally assigned web hosting account will be created for you instantly. Then you will quickly receive a short payment verification call and an email with all the necessary log-in information.

That's it! Within minutes you will be ready to use your web hosting account, upload files to your websites through our File Manager, establish an FTP connection, set custom DNS records to your domain, set up email accounts with Anti-spam Protection, Email Filters, SPF Protection, use Webmail, etc. Should you need some clarification or encounter any difficulties you may rely on a 24/7 customer support service via ticket, email, live chat, phone.